At the moment we have 14 representative UFSS offices in corresponding regions of Ukraine:

  1. UFSS Kiev region,
  2. UFSS Kiev,
  3. UFSS Crimea which temporarily executes all activities outside this region,
  4. UFSS Izmail in Odessa region,
  5. UFSS Dnipro in Dnepr region,
  6. UFSS Ternopil,
  7. UFSS Kharkiv,
  8. UFSS Mykolaiv,
  9. UFSS Vinnytsia,
  10. UFSS Zaporizhia,
  11. UFSS Chernomorsk,
  12. UFSS Poltava,
  13. UFSS Chernihiv,
  14. UFSS Zakarpattia.

Also membership of UFSS have several SUP clubs throughout Ukraine:

  1. SUP Club Rapid, Kiev
  2.  SUP Club Rusanivka, Kiev
  3. SUP Kayak Club 4 Storony, Kiev
  4. SUP Club Supstaion Dnipro, Dnepr
  5. SUP Club, Zaporozhia

If you want to become UFSS-member mail to –